Who build the pyramids at Giza?

Who Build This?
Everybody says: Unsolved mystery!
Let's see the possible builders:

Possible builders of the Giza Pyramids or the other perfect engeneered structures with huge stone blocks:

1. Aliens are creatures from Outside Earth / Space / Universe - Not Earth Life form

2. Humans - like us Earth Life Form

3. Hybrids - Earth Life Form Manipulated By Aliens Not Earth Life Form

Three possibilities I've came across all publications on the net!

Am I missing a case?

There is Only One Possible Builder Missed By Popular Science 
With No Traces Of Its Existence!

But there is one point - what is first 
- the egg or the chicken 
- because the fourth possible one needs to be discussed in this point!


Ancient Intelligent Pre Flood long ago existed
UNDERWATER Civilization Of Earth Life Form Creatures 
With No Traces Of Their Biological Existence 
And They Performed everything, including our creation and building all these stone structures!

 And now comes the moment with the egg! 

Because they can be Just Earth Life but everybody will look at the Aliens for help!

Vladislav Lozanov 2017

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